Our Council History

In the beginning…..
Several men, in cooperation with a District Deputy, gathered together to see if they could establish a Knights of Columbus council in Stratford NJ. At that time, 1981, Supreme was trying to set up new councils within an individual parish and thus it was that the Church of St. Luke was the foundation area for recruitment.

Early leaders included Jack McGuigan, Bill Robbins, Joe Chiumento and others. Their task was to find a minimum of 20 prospective members to form the council. Many of the new members would be from Stratford via transfer out of other councils. These early leaders were very successful and recruited 33 charter members to form the council.

A very important task was to come up with a name for the new council considering the restriction that it could not be named after a living person. Jack McGuigan was leaving home to go to the meeting to consider our name, he asked his wife if she had any suggestions. It is no surprise that Faith McGuigan instantly suggested the name “Holy Family”, because, after all, we would be a family. The meeting that night quickly found consensus on the name and thus we became known as “Holy Family Council #7800, Knights of Columbus.